Some of these recipes are old family favorites, some I created. They have many ethnic sources. Some are more technique than recipe.

Each recipe should open in a new window when you click on the link to it. The is so you can print them without having to print navigational links. You can close this new window when you are done with it.

I don't always tell you to add salt and pepper, consider these to be optional in all appropriate dishes.

Definitions: a quickor fast oven = about 425-450 F., a moderate or medium oven = about 350-375 F., a slow oven = 250-300 F.

I am not always consistent in using the same abbreviations. Here are some that I use: T=tablespoon, t=teaspoon, c=cup, tbsp=tablespoon, tsp=teaspoon.

AebleskiverThis is a small spherical pancake, sometimes with an apple in the middle, sometimes not. It is a traditional Danish recipe from the Ladefogeds. The correct name is ∆bleskiver.
FrikadellerThese unusual little meatballs are a family favorite.
KrumkakePerhaps not Danish, but definitely Skandinavian, these are the northern version of pizelle.
Fry BreadA favorite at Powwows
Blanket DogsAnother Powwow favorite, using Fry Bread dough
FinkadellaThis is a Scottish meatball so similar to the Danish Frikadeller as to leave no doubts as to a common origin.
Finnan HaddieCreamed Haddock
Forfar BridiesBridal pies, meat wrapped in pastry, several recipes
Traditional HaggisHere it is, the famous Scottish Dish
Pot HaggisA slightly more modern version.
Scotch Egg SauceThis is a sauce for dipping Scotch Eggs. It is reproduced from a sauce that we found in a Scottish pub in Columbus, Ohio. I'm sure that it is an imperfect reproduction, but it is a very tasty sauce.
Scotch EggsBoiled eggs wrapped in sausage
Ohio Country Recipes
Duck cakeNo ducks were harmed in the baking of this cake. The ducks are deuces, or twos. Almost the whole recipe is in twos.
MushBoth as a hot cereal and fried, a winter breakfast staple
Potato BreadThis is Grandma Dollie's Potato Bread Recipe
Push & Shove It #1I know of at least 3 recipes by this name. All are best made in a cast-iron skillet. This is the sweet version.
Push & Shove It #2This version is also know as "Spring Skillet".
Push & Shove It #3This is the potato version.
RibblesVery easy noodles
RuskEasy cold corn cereal
Skillet cakeA shortbread style cake
from India
ChapatesEasy unleavened bread
KheerA smooth rice pudding from Tammy.
MasalasSome of the spice blends of India
Tandoori ChickenOur friend Tammy gave us several Indian recipes, of which this is one.
Tandoori Chicken #2Another version of Tandoori Chicken, or Bhuna Murgha
GnocchiPotato dumplings
HirsteleFrom my Dalmatian friend, this is a recipe for a light pastry that is unique.
PizzelleA crispy and delicate cookie
Other Recipes
Casserole BreadA very versatile bread
Corn BreadA staple that I learned as a child in Texas, where they put hot peppers in it.
Graham Cracker CrustThe best crust for cream pies and cheesecakes
Gram Hansen's Baked CornAn popular dish in our house, and a great way to use up all that creamed corn that mysteriously appears in the pantry.
Bread DipThis recipe is reproduced from a dish brought to a family dinner in 1992 by Jill. I loved it, I reproduced it to the best of my ability, and I've been using it to make brownie points ever since. This is one of my most requested recipes. Thanks, Jill.
Orange Lace CookiesIf you are tired of recipes that make enough cookies to feed the whole town, here is a recipe for you. It makes exactly 8 cookies.
Flour TortillasHot tortillas on the griddle always remind me of Minga Aguirre and Nancy, and the taste of fresh tortillas smeared with butter and a little brown sugar. I'm sure this reprodution is not accurate, but it is best that my memory can do, and edible.
Shoo-Fly PieA traditional favorite
Texas BrowniesMade on a jelly roll pan, this recipe makes a lot of brownies.
White SauceThe base for so many sauces.
Yorkshire PuddingThis is an old British favorite.
SconesA standard at Tea.
My Recipes
Anchovy PoppersThis is a hot canape, one of my own recipes.
Bear CandyMy daughter and I created this one together.
Blue Cheese BiscuitsSimple and fast
Blue Cheese ButterMore a trick than a recipe
Bacon & Cheese rollsA very simple party snack to make ahead and freeze
Cheese SauceA very versatile cheese sauce
Crazy Cake FrostingThe ultimate boiled frosting
Deep-frying BatterA tempura-style batter that can be used to batter almost anything.
Honey Pie CakeWhile playing with the traditional Shoo-fly Pie recipe I came up with this tender little cake.
Idiot's DelightA cheese shortbread, so named because I am lactase deficient.
Macaroni & CheeseThis dish can be what you make of it. From cheap and simple, to a complete and delicious meal, you decide.
Marinade and JerkMy favorite Marinade and Jerk
Mushroom Onion SoupThis is not cost effective, but it is darn yummy. Best served with hot bread.
Olive PoppersA cheese shortbread wrappped around an olive
SaucesSome easy sauces and substitutions
Sherry SauceA nice cream sauce for chicken or seafood, it goes excellently with rice or pasta.
SpreadsVery simple and light spreads

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