Bear Candy

As a topping: mix 2 cups any or all berries with 1/2 cup honey and blend until almost smooth. This can be used as a syrup, as an ice cream topping, as a base for jelly or ice cream, poured over angelfood cake or biscuits, the sky is the limit.

Ice Cream:

-2 [14 oz] cans sweetened condensed milk
-1 quart half and half
-1 batch Bear Candy

Blend thoroughly and make in any 1 gallon ice cream maker according to manufacturers directions. If you don't have an ice cream maker, freeze until firm, then blend or whip thoroughly, and repeat these two steps at least 4 times total, then freeze solid. It won't be as smooth, but it will be ice cream.

Remember to relax about ingredients in ice cream. If you don't have the sweetened condensed milk, substitute in more half and half, heavy cream, or straight condensed milk, and then add about a half cup more honey. For the half and half you can substitute in half milk and half cream [That is what it is, anyway].