Bread Dip

- 8 oz pkg cream cheese-softened
- approx. 2 oz mayo
- approx. 2 oz sour cream
- a few dashes of worcestershire sauce
- dried beef-chopped [about 2-4 oz]
- either 1T minced onion or 1 T chives
- 1 load round [boule] bread, I prefer rye or sourdough

1. Combine all ingredients except bread.
2. Using a serrated knife [a steak knife will do] cut out the center of the loaf of bread, being sure not to cut all the way through, and pull out the center of the bread to make a large bowl out of it. Save the bread pulled out.
3. Put the cream cheese mixture into the bowl of bread and bake at 350F until the cheese is golden brown on top. at the same time wrap the leftover bread in foil and heat it in the oven. additional bread can be heated at the same time.
4. Serve the bread bowl of dip with the other breads for dipping. When the dip starts running low start cutting up the bowl and serving it.