-I egg per person eating
-salt & pepper

Put about 3/4 cup flour per egg in a bowl, and put in salt and pepper to taste. Form a well and drop in the eggs. Knead all the flour that you can into the eggs, adding more flour to the bown if you need to. You are trying to get a very stiff dough the starts to separate into little curd-like noodles on its own. When you get it good and stiff you can pinch it off into small gobs, about the amount of dough that you naturally can pinch. Cook by slowly adding to boiling water, then slowly returning to a simmer for a few minutes. If you add them too quickly, or the water is not boiling, you will have a nasty pot of gruel.

You can dry these by baking in a slow oven until they are totally dry . They will store for a long time in the refrigerator if dried.

I've been told that these are also the German noodle called "Spaetzle", but I've never verified that.

Ribbles can be boiled in broth, added to soup, or covered with sauce. They can serve as a noodle or a dumpling. Any flour left in the bowl can be used to thicken the soup or broth.