Companion Planting


basil asparagus, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes 1,3 enhances growth, repels flying insects
beans potatoes, beets, squash, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, corn 1,4 deters potato beetles
borage squash, tomatoes, strawberries 1,3,4 provides minerals and repels tomato worm
calendula broccoli, cabbage, corn, beans, peas, spinach 2 attracts minute pirate bugs and lacewings
chamomile all garden plants 1,2,3 improves crop yields, attracts parasitic wasps, lady bugs, lacewings
chives tomatoes, carrots, apples, berries, grapes, roses 1,3 deters japanese beetles, aphids
dill cabbage family, cucumbers, lettuce, onions 2,3 growth, flavor of cabbage family
garlic tomatoes, cane fruits, fruit trees 1,3 repels, potato blight, also use as spray
geraniums cabbage family, grapes, roses 1 repels cabbage worms, japanese beetles [use white variety]
goldenrod all garden plants 1,2 attracts big-eyed bugs, ground and soldier beetles
marigolds all garden plants 1,2,3 repels aphids, potato and squash bugs, long-term use kills nematodes
nasturtiums all garden plants 1,3 deters many pest bugs, attracts black fly
onions most crops, except peas or beans 1 deters many pests, especially maggots
petunias eggplant, grapes, greens 1 also plant with any vegetable bothered by leaf hoppers
potatoes bean, cabbage corn, melons 1,2 repels bean beetles
radishes beans, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce 1 repels cucumber beetles
sage cabbage, carrots, tomatoes 1,2,3 deters cabbage moths, carrot flies
summer savory beans, peas, onions 2,3 generally beneficial
tomatoes asparagus, carrots, cabbage 1,3 tomatoes and asparagus are mutually beneficial
yarrow most aromatic herbs 2,3 attracts parasitic wasps, lady bugs, tachinid flies

1]repels insects; 2]attracts beneficials; 3]improves health/flaver; 4]adds nutrients

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