Crocheted Rag Rugs

Instructions for preparing rugs are elsewhere.

Croched rugs are usually done in rounds and ovals. The materials are 1" rag strips and a large crochet hook, I usually use a K. Scale and Gauge don't matter here.

For a round rug, just start it and continue until it is the size that you wish. For an oval, determine the size you want it to be. Subtract the desired width from the desired length. The remaining number is the length of your starting chain. To keep it flat you must increase 8 stitches every row. For a round these are spaced as evenly as possible, for an oval they are grouped on the ends. If you wished to do a square or rectangle they would be grouped at the corners.

Round Rug:

Row 1: Chain 4, join with a slip stitch to form a ring.
Row 2: Ch 1, make 8 sc in the ring, do not join but mark this place. [8sc]
Row 3: Make 2 sc in the back loop of each sc around. [16sc]
Row 4: Sc in back loop of first st, 2 sc in back loop of next st, continue in this manner around. [24sc]
Row 5: Make 2 sc in back loop of 1st st, 1 sc in back loop of next 2 sts, 2 sc in back loop of 4th st, continue in this manner around. [32sc]

Continue in this manner, adding one more stitch between the increases in each round and trying not to put an increase over an increase in the row below until the rug is the desired size. Remember that you are increasing 8 stitches on each row. If you make too many increases the rug will begin to ripple. If you make too few increases it will cone. Try to crochet tightly for sturdiness and long wear, as well as appearance. On the last row crochet through both loops, not just the back loop. After doing a complete row through both loops, slip stitch in a couple of stitches before ending.

Oval Rug:

Subtract the desired width from the desired length. Crochet a chain the length of the remainder, plus one more chain.

Row 1: Sc in back loop of 2nd chain from hook. 1 sc in each st, 5 sc in last st. Continue around on the other side of the chain, and 1 ch in each chain. In the chain that the 1st chain went into put 4 more chains. Do not join. Mark this place as the end of the row.

Each stitch at the end of the chain that 5 stitches went into is a pivot stitch. Your 4 increases at each end, each round will go into them and their descendants. In the other stitches that are formed over the rest of the stitches on the base chain, only single stitches will be made. Crochet in back loops only, increases are made by making 2 sc in a st, crochet tightly. Continue until rug is the desired size.

In the picture below I tried to show an idealized image of the different zones of an oval rug.

Finish by crocheting through both loops for one row, then slip stitching a couple of stitches.

Square Rug:

Chain 2. In the first chain made make a sc, ch2, sc, ch2, sc, ch2, sc, ch2. [each ch2-space starts a corner] Make a sc in the back loop of the first sc. In the first ch2-space make sc1, ch2, sc1. Sc in the back loop of the next sc. In the next ch-2 space make sc1, ch2, sc1. Continue in this fashion, making a sc in the back loop only of every sc, making sc1-ch2-sc1 in the ch2-space corners, until rug is desired size. On last round crochet through both loops for a round. End at a corner, with just a sc1, instead of sc1-ch2-sc1. Work in end or sew it to the bottom.

Rectangular Rug:

Again, subtract desired width from desired length, and chain the remainder, plus 1 more chain. Sc in 2nd chain from hook, working in back loop only. Like the other rugs, always work only in the back loops when making a sc over a sc in the row below. Make 1 sc in each ch until the end. In the last stitch make sc1, ch2, sc1, ch2 sc1. Continue working around the other side of the chain to the first chain which you have already made a sc into. Sc1, ch2, sc1, ch2 in the same stitch. Do not join, just continue around putting a sc in the back loop of every sc, and a 2c-ch2-sc in each ch2-corner. Make it the desired size and on the last row work through both loops of each stitch. End at any corner by making 1sc only, instead of the usual sc-ch2-sc corner.