The Log Cabin Quilt

Cut your center squares 5 inches square, and cut your strips 3 inches wide. [1/2-inch seam allowance]. In the first image below, there is a chart representing assembly. The black lines represent seams. It is traditional for the square in the center to be red to represent the hearth. The list below gives some suggested measurements, but feel free to do your own thing. It is important to have the assembly follow light and dark as shown. It is the play of light against dark that makes the larger patterns.

b: 3 x 5
c: 3 x 7
d: 3 x 7
e: 3 x 9
f: 3 x 9
g: 3 x 11
h: 3 x 11
i: 3 x 13

Some quilters put on a third and/or fourth row of strips also. The second image, below represents the pattern "Barn Raising", which is one of the ways to combine Log Cabin squares. The red square in the center is not shown, just the light and dark sides of the squares.

More Log Cabin patterns will be added later.