Cena's version of Martha's "Coming Home" Poncho

This poncho is designed to be crocheted in any yarn, at any gauge. The photos show knitting worsted with a H hook, because that illustrated the stitches better than some of the fuzzy and bumpy yarns.

First, determine your gauge. Using Lion Brand Homespun and a size K hook, you should get about 2.5 stitches to the inch. Using worsted-weight and a size H hook, you should get about 4 stitches to the stitch. This poncho was probably originally make in Bernat Galaxy Mercury.

Mulitply your stitches per inch by 24 and chain that number. For instance, at 2.5 stitches per inch, you would chain 60. At 4 stitches to the inch you would chain 96. The only thing important about the number is that it has to be divisible by 6.

Row 1- Chain 3 [this counts as your first dc], dc in the next 2 chains [this completes your first block], ch 1 [this completes your first space], *dc in the next three chains, ch 1*, continue between the *s to the end. Do not skip any of the chains on the start chain, even though that might seem unnatural. For the last ch 1, ch 3 instead, and slip stitch to top of the first dc [which was a ch3]. This ch3 space marks the back of the poncho, and the corner space.

At his time find the halfway point on the front of the poncho, which will be a ch1 space. Make sure that there are an even number of spaces between it and the corner on the first round from either direction. Use a large safety pin to mark this space.

R2: Ch 3 [counts as 1st dc], Turn your work, in the ch3 space made on the last row make 2 dcs, ch 3, 3 dc. Corners will be made this way in the back on every row. Ch1, make 3 dcs in the next ch1 space. Continue this way, spaces over blocks and blocks over spaces until you are at the space that is the 2nd before the middle space marked with the safety pin. In this space make 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc. On the next round these 2dc blocks will count as full blocks. Ch1, in the next space make a block, ch1, in the middle space make a block, move the safety pin to this block, make blocks in the next 2 spaces separated by ch1 spaces. In the third space after the center space make the 2dc-ch1-2dc blocks, then continue around block over space, space over block. When you get to the last space, ch1, slip stitch to the top of the first de [ch3] of the row.

R3: Ch 3, turn, 2dc in the first space, for the first block. continue in pattern around the neck until you get to the corner space in the back. There is no increase in the front on odd-numbered rows. Make a corner block [dc3, ch3, dc3] in the ch3 space in the previous row's corner, ch1, slip stitch to the top of the 1st dc of the previous row.Continue in this manner until the poncho is as long as you want. Every other row you do paired increased [the dc2,ch1,dc2] spaced evenly on either side of the center front, making sure that the increases never fall exactly over increases on the previous row. Every row you do a corner over the corner in the back. You must end the poncho with the number of blocks being divisible by 6. Cut yarn.

1st scallop:

R1-Make a slip knot and put on the hook. Starting in the back corner, Count to the 2nd ch1 space after the corner. This will be the space after the 2nd block. Slip stitch into the space, then make a tr into the next space. Ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr all into the same space. Slip stitch to the next space, ch 3, slip stitch into the next space, turn.

R2- Ch1, put a tr into the tr below, ch 1, put a tr into the sp below. Continue making a tr into every tr and space, separated by ch1s. When you get to the other side of the scallop, ch 1, slip stitch to the adjoining space on the poncho, ch 3, slip stitch to the corner space, Turn.

R3- Make a tr into every tr and space on the row below, separating the trs by ch1s until you get to the other side of the scallop. Slip stitch into the space, which is the sixth space from the corner. Ch3, slip stitch into the next space. Ch3, slip stitch into the next space again.

2nd scallop:
R1- Make 5 tr separated by ch1-spaces into the next space, which is the 3rd space from the 1st scallop, and the 9th space from the corner. Continue as for the 1st scallop. Make scallops in this manner until you have make scallops around the entire edge, then fasten off and finish in your ends.

If you want you can add a row of single crochet around the neck.

Alternative versions: To add a cowl neck crochet rows of dc around the neck for 6 to 8 inches.

For points in the front and back just make a corner in the center front on every row instead of the paired increases every other row. When making this version both sides of the poncho must have blocks divisible by six, as the scallops must work out even for the left and the right.

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