Mila-a-minute Lace

Crochet a foundation chain slightly longer than desired. Any excess can be cut off later. You will need at least 6 chains more than the desired length.

Dc in the 4th chain from the hook. Skip 2 chains back on foundation chain and dc in the 3rd chain. First shell made.

~Skip 2 more chains and *dc in the 3rd chain back again. Chain 3 and dc into the top side of the last dc. Dc into the same chain that you put the third dc into. This is the dc that has a * beside it above.~ Second shell made.

Repeat between the ~'s until you are near the end of the foundation chain. You will want at least 2 chains left over in the foundation chain to sew to the bottom of the first shell. If you wish you can just adjust the # of skipped chains between the last couple of shells to make it work out right, or you can cut the foundation chain at least 2 chains back from where you want it to end and pull on the tail to tighten it up.