Free Patterns

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Elf HatEdge #1Mile-a-minute LaceLucet CordTriple Irish Chain
Rolled-Brim HatEdge #2A Floral MedallionCharted Gothic Alphabet9-Patch
Tube SocksEdge #3Crocheted Rag RugsRags for RugsLog Cabin
Easy ShrugEdge #4Fast Granny SquareOdd SocksAround the World
Mystery ShawlEdge #5Martha's PonchoGarment List 
Kitchener's Cast-onEdge #6 Puncetto 
Basic Beret    
Aunt Gloria's Dishcloth    
knitting gauge    
Knitting Notes    
Pi or Pie    
sock tricks


These patterns are very simple and basic. They are more technique than line by line instructions, for the most part. I'm a "knitting theorist", and a lot of the patterns that I write are done in that style. It is a little bare here right now, but come back, I'm adding things regularly right now [now being summer 2002].

I am American, and use USA terms and needle sizes on all patterns.


I've spent my entire life making stuff. Everything in my life has undergone almost constant change except that.

I learned to knit at about 12 years old, and am now almost 40. I have knitted intricate and amazing things. I have studied ancient patterns and techniques, and spin my own yarn. What I have learned in all of that knitting is that often the simplest and oldest way of doing things is the best way for me.

I learned to knit socks from my Aunt Sandi. She taught me a square double-knitted Dutch heel combined with a round toe. I have one of her socks in mint condition on my desk, in plain sight right now. Her sock pattern inspired me to spend about 20 years perfecting my sock-knitting skills. I learned just about every variation of heel, toe, clock, instep, etc, that could be found or developed.

Two and a half years ago I gave birth to a daughter. I found that she could outgrow socks as I knitted them. I loved knitting her the little superwash wool socks dyed in kool-aid colors, but had to simplify. I am a sock expert who finally admitted to myself that the perfect sock is the tube sock with the round toe.