Notes on knitting a round shawl, or "I prefer pie to pi"

For a round shawl based on the number pi, every time you double the number of rounds, you double the total number of stitches. It's based on the circumference of a circle doubling every time the radius doubles.

Round 1= 8 st,
Round 2= 16st,
Round 4= 32st,
Round 8=64st,
and so on....

I prefer to just increase 8 stitches every other row.

I also find that if I want to do a lace pattern in the shawl, and design the shawl in 8 pie wedges, it is even easier to keep track of the increase of 8 every other row, and keep the pattern behaving as it should. To be honest, in a large shawl, anyone who gets difficult with the definitions of hexigon and circle needs to get a little further away from me.
After all, I am armed with sharp pointy sticks.