Cheap Sock Tricks

  1. In your spare time, knit sock feet out of basic colors, like black, brown, white and off-white. Make them out of hard-wearing sock yarns and blends, and put them away until you are ready to make the sock tops.

  2. When you make socks [from the start of from premade feet], you can make the tops out of almost any suitable material with some stretch, tops don't take wear the way feet do. I find this to be a better use for those silks and fine wools, etc. Hey, think about how pretty stripes of angora could look in a sock top.

  3. Knit footies and cuff socks, if you want to extend them to winter wear or for inside boots, make ankle warmers, hoggers/legwarmers to wear with them.

  4. Socks don't really need to be identical twins. Kinfolk is close enough. Some of the coolest socks I have ever seen are coordinated, but not identical. Then you can join the "Odd Sock Project."

  5. Why not knit 3 instead of 2? A trio makes sense, people are always losing a sock. I'm planning a set for my nephew, 2 twins and a kinfolk. That way he can match if he wants to, or not.