Tube Sock

Material: About 4 ounces of a yarn that gets the gauge, usually about a standard knitting worsted weight.

Tension/Gauge: 26 sts & 32 rows = 4" on US #5 needles

Size: An average adult female foot

Note: This pattern should be worked in the round, but if worked on 2 needles just add 1 stitch to every number, and leave a long enough tail to sew the flattest seam that you can.

The cuff: Cast on 48 stitches and work in k1-p1 rib for desired length of cuff, usually between 4 and 8 inches.

The foot: Switch to stocking-stitch and knit to desired length for foot, usually about 12 inches.

The toe: K2 together 6 times evenly spaced around every other row until 12stitches remain, making sure to stagger the decreases on rows so that they don't line up. When 12 stitches remain decrease without skipping a row so that there are two decrease rows in a row, and 6 stitches are left on the needles. Cut yarn leaving a tail and pass through the last 6 stitches pulling them firmly tight and fastening off securely. Weave in the end. Tah-dah.

Oh yeah, you probably need to knit a 2nd sock, same as the first.